What Does LMAO Mean?

The most popular acronym LMAO means “Laughing My Ass Off”. LMAO is one of the most used acronym on text-based communication like on Facebook Chat. Also, you’ve probably seen this internet slang “LMAO” but did you ever wonder what does LMAO mean? Simple LMAO means “Laughing My Ass Off”. LMAO is one of the most common slangs words used in text messaging or instant messaging.

Social networking and instant messaging are one of most popular and core communication system right now. LMAO is one of the most common and popular words used in text messaging, instant messaging, chatting and also on facebook and twitter. Maybe you’ve already seen this popular internet slangs “LMAO”. But did you ever wonder about what does LMAO mean? Did you ever try to know what does LMAO stand for?

Today I’m going to give you a clear idea about What Does LMAO Mean? Actually, LMAO is an acronym which is simple stands for “Laughing My Ass Off”. Many people around the whole world use this acronym when they find something funny. Basically when a people find something which is extremely funny in front of him, then they say LMAO.

Some uses and explanation of LMAO

LMAO is an internet slangs which is widely popular and mostly used by the young generation. But sometimes this acronym LMAO is quite confusing for someone who is not familiar with this slangs language. Now I will try to give you some real-world example and explanation of uses LMAO and meaning of this slangs language. In most cases, LMAO or Laughing My Ass Off simple used when someone finds something funny.

LMAO uses example 1:

In this below LMAO uses an example, two friends are passing away and suddenly one of them see a Monkey is trying to drive a car. Then they use the internet slangs language or acronym LMAO!

Friend A: Hey! I want to drink a cup of Coffee now.

Friend B: Ok, let’s go.

Friend A: Hey, look at the Monkey. He’s trying to drive the car.

Friend B: LMAO!

LMAO uses example 2:

John: Hello Alex, How are you?

Alex: Hey John, I’m fine. Where are you going?

John: I’m going to take a cup of tea. You can join with me.

Alex: Ok, I’m also thinking to drink a cup of tea now.

John: Look at the Joker. He is trying to dance.

Alex: LMAO

In this above sentence, John and Alex suddenly meet each other and they decide to take a cup of tea together. While they are going to the nearest tea stall, they find a Joker is trying to dance. But he is not able to dance and it looks like extremely funny. Then Alex uses the acronym LMAO to tell John, Yes! This is so funny.

History of LMAO:

Laughing my ass off or LMAO is only used when someone finds something funny to tell his/her nearest partner over text or chat. This is mostly used from mid-2012. Like other slangs language, this is going to be most popular and used slangs day by day.

LMAO spelling:

LMAO can be spelled in all lowercase like as “lmao”. Both uppercase version and lowercase version mean the same thing “ Laughing My Ass Off’. You are all most welcome to use either uppercase version or lowercase version of LMAO.

What does LMAO means on social site Facebook?

What does LMAO means on Facebook? Facebook, we all know that Facebook is number 1 social media website. Facebook offers one lovely feature which is ‘Facebook Messenger’ application and peoples are widely use slangs language during chatting with each other. So what does LMAO mean on Facebook? LMAO is one of most popular and hugely used acronym over facebook. It’s simply mean “ Laughing My Ass Off” this acronym only used when someone finds something funny. Basically, people use LMAO and slang OTP on facebook chatting while do chat with friends or nearest one.

LMAO uses example on Facebook:

Facebook is used by millions of people to connect with each other. They are chatting using facebook app, share their status using facebook post or group post on Facebook. So basically they are used hundred of slangs language during their conversation on facebook. Laughing My Ass Off or LMAO is also widely used on Facebook. Here I will try to give a real-life example uses of LMAO on facebook.

Sohel: Hey Nabil, How are you?

Nabil: I’m fine. Yesterday my father has gifted me a Phone. But bad luck is the phone screen just broke today.

Sohel: How’s this happen?

Nabil: My younger sister fall the phone down from the table.

Sohel: LMAO.

What Does LMAO Means On Instagram?

Instagram is number 1 image sharing based social network media website on earth. Million of people’s are using this every day. Also, so many acronyms or slangs language they are using on Instagram. This social network basically widely used by younger people. on Twitter Direct message or slangs DM is widely popular. So what does LMAO means on Instagram? It’s simply mean ‘Laughing My Ass Off’ on Instagram.

LMAO uses example on Instagram:

As you already know what does LMAO mean on Instagram. Let’s see some example conversation using the slangs LMAO.

Alex: How was the circus show?

Kim: awesome! Actually like this very much. Basically, the dress of Joker is much funny.

Alex: LMAO

In this above sentence, two friends were enjoying a circus show yesterday. While they are discussing the show, Kim told to Alex that she likes the Joker dress up. Then Alex says ‘LMAO’. By using the slangs here Alex tries to say, yes that dress was extremely funny or LMAO.

What Does LMAO Means In Texting?

Basically, the slangs language LMAO is used for talking to each other using Facebook, Instagram or any other text messaging software. LMAO slangs usually used when someone finds something funny to tell his/her nearest one during chatting. This acronym LMAO going to be more popular day by day. Another one of most popular slangs is HMU. So what does HMU mean? It’s simply mean ‘ Hit Me Up’.

LMAO uses example in Texting:

Here I will try to give here some real-life example uses of slangs LMAO. Read this below conversation to know more about what does LMAO stand for in texting.

Atik: Hello Roshan, How are you?

Roshan: I’m fine. What about you?

Atik: I’m fine also. Do you know that Roman was trying to be a joker yesterday.

Roshan: LMAO.

Some possible meaning of “LMAO”

1. Laughing my arms (or ankles) off.
2. Lick me all over!
3. Leave me alone, okay?
4. Let’s meet (or last man) at the office.
5. Let’s make an oath/offer.
6. Laughing my ass off
7. Leave me alone, okay?
8. Laughing my arms off

Actually, there are unlimited examples possible to give about the uses of slangs language LMAO. But the thing is LMAO simple means Laughing My Ass Off. This slangs LMAO is used instead of the long version Laughing My Ass Off, when someone finds something’s funny to tell his/her partner.